when a 13-year-old student wrote a letter to the PMO sharing her pain, what was

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During this pandemic, when a 13-year-old student wrote a letter to the PMO sharing her pain, what was his answer?  This student is from Bishop Westcott Girls School, Namkom,Ranchi.

Respected Sir,

I am a 13 year old girl of Ranchi ( Jharkhand ) my mother is a teacher and father is a journalist. I hereby requests you to put your kind attention above the following matter. Sir, today on 20th of April my grandfather died in Sahibganj ( Jharkhand ) and my uncle took him to the cremation ghat by keeping him above the vegetable cart. Sir, there are many people diying these days due to the unforseen pandemic but there is one more reason of the quick uncountable dying of citizens which is that there are no quality doctors, ventilators, ambulance to take dead bodies and hospitals in Jharkhand, so please build atleast 10 hospitals in different districts of Jharkhand. Today I heard your speech at evening where you were appreciating the doctors and nurses but Sir here in Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand all the hospitals and doctors have switched off landline numbers and mobile numbers. Sir I request you to please monitor all the above points and even take care of the point that the news channels whether national or state have a great influence on citizens lives they mostly telecast the negative news instead of positive ones they telecast the total number of patients instead of telecasting the current number of positive patients. They should even telecast that the recovery rate has increased. There are long queues of people outside the cremation ghats because the state government is burning the dead bodies in selective cremation grounds instead of utilizing all the ghats to prevent covid. Sir, I am just a child but I have seen many people diying in front of my eyes. I am also writing my experience in a book and wants your best wishes for that. I even send my best regards to you for the future and thankyou for every thing you did for the nation. Sir, please do reply and take care of the points mentioned above.

Thanking you,


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