ScienceTeacher Transform His Kitchen into a Chemistry Lab

Created on: 2021-06-05 14:27:27 | Author: Team Sikshatoday | Home Page | News

When the pandemic turned in-person learning virtual for the students at a Washington, D.C. high school, one chemistry teacher didn’t take long to get creative with his lessons.

onte Lee’s turned his kitchen into a chemistry lab, and used his own money to buy and deliver supplies for his 35 students—then he got to teaching.

He Became known as The Kitchen Chemist and his videos have since gone viral with schoolchildren across America.

Jonte was even surprised by comedian Kevin Hart who joined one of the Zoom classes to announce the teacher had been named one of Amazon’s “Regular Heroes.”

Hart then bought the school brand new chemistry equipment and provided scholarships to the students.

Although he doesn’t think of himself as a hero, the teacher at Calvin Coolidge High said “I’m just doing me,” and he called the awards “an amazing gift”.

Find him on Instagram and get inspired by his bubbly chemistry and effervescent personality.

Courtesy: Good NewsNetwork

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