Champa Bhatia's book 'Gita Yoga in Geeta' released

रांची प्रेस क्लब सभागार में मंगलवार को चंपा भाटिया लिखित पुस्तक 'गीता में ज्ञान योग'  का लोक

Unique experiment of DPS Ranchi ,launches Mobile Library

In today’s pandemic of COVID -19, it is a major challenge to run even the day to day activities as all are continuously under the grip of invisible fear of getting infected at any time. Life has changed its complexion of proceedings. We unwontedly

Apoorva Shukla- learning tarot card readings

Delhi: Apoorva Shukla, arrested for killing her husband Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, son of former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Narayan Dutt Tiwari, is learning tarot card readings in Tihar Jail. Jail sources gave this information.

What is the NIRF Ranking?

The MHRD is vested with the responsibility to prepare the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Ranking. It has approved the framework of NIRF Ranking and rolled out the first edition in 2015.

Manjeet will upload the photo of whom if I am not there

Troubled by being hacked by Facebook account and repeatedly putting objectionable photos, student Naina Kumari from Hazaribagh [Jharkhand] hanged herself late in the night of October 18 and left herself a suicide note in which Jayaprabha Nagar Anand

PM Modi said - Our government opened an IIT every year

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the centenary convocation of the University of Mysore on Monday. During this time the PM said, education and initiation are considered two important stages of youth life here. This has been a tradition in us for

. Former Director of XISS, Father Franken is no more

Father L. Franken (SJ) is no more. He died today at the Mother Livens Hospital. Father Franken Xavier, Director of Social Services Institute, Principal of St. Xavier's College Ranchi and Director of Namkom XIT, Fa: Vanvator hostel operator and o

Sainik School vacancies

Assam : Sainik School Goalpara Assam has invited applications for recruitment to the posts of Trained Graduate Teacher {TGT}, Band Master, Art &