Vice Chancellor of Delhi University suspended

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New Delhi. Yogesh Tyagi, Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, was suspended on Wednesday on the orders of President Ram Nath Kovind. Tyagi has been accused of misuse of the post. The Union Education Ministry wrote a letter to the Registrar of Delhi University, saying that there will now be an inquiry against the Vice Chancellor and he can influence the inquiry while he is in office. Therefore, he will now remain suspended until further orders. Professor PC Joshi will take over as Vice Chancellor.

What is the matter?

Professor Yogesh Tyagi has been wrongly accused of making two appointments in DU. Actually, Yogesh Tyagi was admitted to AIIMS on July 2, since then he has been on medical leave. Being admitted to AIIMS, on July 17, till Tyagi returned, Pro VC PC Joshi was given the charge of Vice Chancellor. but Last week, Professor Tyagi removed Pro-VC Joshi while on leave without having to join the office and submitted a medical certificate and replaced him with Geeta Bhatt, director of the University's Board of Non-Collegiate Women's Education.

Meanwhile, PC Joshi has issued a notification for the appointment of new registrar Vikas Gupta. The Executive Council also approved his appointment. On the same day, Professor Tyagi issued a notification approving the appointment of PC Jha as acting Registrar and Director of South Campus. Education due to administrative lapses and power battles The ministry intervened and called the appointments made by Tyagi illegal because he was on leave. The conflict of rights was further exacerbated when Jha wrote a letter to the ministry describing himself as 'Acting Registrar', saying that all decisions taken for Tyagi are as per university rules.

The ministry objected to the letter and directed the university to take strict action against them. The ministry official said, "All orders given during this period by Yogesh Tyagi, who were on leave at the medical ground, or orders with their approval, have been canceled. They would be considered void. ' He said, 'Vice Chancellor .According to the statutory provisions, the functioning of the university was not running ... Because of this there was a mess in the mis-governance and functioning of the university. This is not good for the academic environment of the university as well as the administrative environment.

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