University of Calcutta management started offline classes after ten months

Created on: 2021-02-02 04:40:23 | Author: Team Sikshatoday | Home Page | University

Kolkata, State Bureau. After almost ten months the University of Calcutta Management started offline classes. Practical classes of the zoology department of the university started on Monday. First year students of postgraduate level started coming to university for the first time after admission . However, as the university hostel is not open, some students will rent the flats and some will take classes from their friends' houses. Classes started from 11 am on this day. According to university professors, permission has been taken from university management to conduct practical classes.

Later it depends on the decision of the higher authorities to take class. Regarding this, the head of the Zoology Department, Sagartirtha Sarkar said, "Students have applied for classes for a long time." We talked to high officials about this. At present, it has been permitted to start practical classes. Initially practical classes will be held for 10 consecutive days.

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