Dr. Gopal Pathak became the Vice-Chancellor of Sarala Birla University

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Ranchi: Vice Chancellor of Jharkhand Technical University, Dr. Gopal Pathak became the Vice Chancellor of Sarala Birla University. He took over on Tuesday. On the occasion, he was welcomed by all the officials, teachers and personnel of the University including the CEO of the University, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Verma, Registrar Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh. Dr. Pathak was a professor at BIT Mesra for a long time. He has also been a student of the same. After assuming office, Dr. Pathak said that he wants to take Sarala Birla University to new heights. For this, they will make every effort. and there will be no compromise with the quality and discipline of education.

 Graduated from BIT Mesra

Dr. Pathak graduated from BIT Mesra in Civil Engineering in 1977.  He also received his M.E. in Civil Engineering and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering degrees from BIT Mesra. In 2000 he became a Professor and Coordinator of the Environmental Science and Engineering Group at the BIT Mesra.

He has published technical papers and presented at conferences in India, China, Sweden, Finland, Australia, South Africa, Iran, and the USA, among others. He has had earlier appointments as a Visiting Scholar/Fellow/Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney (1997), Ningbo University (2007), Princeton University (2009) and Centre for Sustainable Development & Gobal Competitiveness (2011).

The Jharkhand Sarala Birla University  is being established in Mahilong [Tatisilwai]  in Ranchi. Its construction work is in progress.

Dr. Pathak has encouraged & inspired many students

Dr. Pathak has encouraged & inspired many students to complete their education & follow their dreams. He shared an experience saying, "when I was the DSW of BIT Mesra, then a student enrolled in mechanical engineering. For a few months, he came to me and said, I do not feel like studying. Then, I encouraged him to pursue the degree and finish what he has started. Eventually, that student completed engineering studies. Later, he prepared for civil services and became IPS with All India rank 158 and today he is the IG.

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