A demand :guidelines against arbitrary fee collection by private BEd colleges

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Ranchi:   A positive dialogue on these subjects was held with the department and assured for action, as well as the Higher Education and Technical Department. A delegation of AJSU student union will be given an idea to make the apprise aware. On February 2, 2020, the higher education and technical department will work with the secretary to make them aware and in the delegation, the president of the AJSU student union Ranchi University president Nitish Singh Vibhavi, former president Uday Mehta, preferred vice-president Amit Raja Nitish Kumar Verma Secretary Suraj Kumar Kushwaha Ashutosh Raja Yudhishthira Pandey practice Kumar etc. were present.

 A demand letter submitted to the Jharkhand examination entrance exam by AJSU Students Union on the following issue.

[A] Demand for issuing guidelines and guidelines against arbitrary fee collection by private BEd colleges.

[B] Regarding waiving of Rs. 400 fee charged in double counseling.

[C] Students who tried to mislead the board in connivance with the college administration by putting their percentage wrong online and hiding the main document mark sheet so that the nomination claim should be canceled so that the students who have filled the right have justice.

[D]  Postgraduate and Sports Arts students should be given special preference.





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