RTE: Law Failed In Jharkhand - Admission of poor children in private schools

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25% admission of children from weaker sections must be made social obligation of private schools

Ranchi: Under Right to Education, the dream of education of children belonging to economically weaker sections in private schools is being destroyed in Jharkhand. The management of the private schools of the state is showing this law as cheating. The worst case in this case is that of the capital Ranchi. Private schools here rejected 89 percent of the applications received for admission under Right to Education in the year 2019-20, while 74 percent seats in private schools remained vacant in this session.

25% admission of children from weaker sections must be made social obligation of private schools

RTE is a law under which every private school has to take admission in a certain number of children from economically weaker sections. These facts have come out from the information sought by the organization called 'Apna Sangathan' from the Department of Right to Information. Sharing the information and data received from the department, Al Hassan of this institution said that in Ranchi district, a total of 1679 applications were received under RTE in the session 2019-20. Of these, only 188

Only students got admission. In the district, 525 seats remained vacant out of 713 seats under RTE. 89 percent of the total applications were rejected. Whereas in this session the number of vacant seats in private schools was around 74 percent.

Admission rate higher in other cities

Swati Narayan associated with the organization said that the number of admissions received from RTE is quite high in states like Delhi-Mumbai, while Jharkhand

It is taking six-seven months to gather its figures. Talking to the families applying under RTE provides information that they apply for admission, but from which level the names are rejected, they do not get the information. He said that there is also a possibility of big corruption in this. It is feared that seats reserved for RTE are being sold.

Government does not have accurate information

Hasan said that the government is not even aware of how many admissions have been done under RTE in the state. Many such families, despite being eligible, are not able to get their children admitted in private schools. The number of private schools in Ranchi district has been stated to be only 59, while in reality many times more private schools are running. Obviously, there are many schools which are running without registration.

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