Round Table India- Provides education for children- Aditya Vikram

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Ranchi:  Giving Christmas greetings, Aditya Vikram Jaiswal, President of the Jharkhand Pradesh Professional Congress Committee said that Round Table India-160 is a strong institution. Provides education for children, makes work of building school and classroom, toilet etc. He said that in the true sense of country independence is proved when our children talk about country development by taking right and quality education.

Under the auspices of Round Table India-160, on the occasion of Christmas festival on Thursday, school bags were distributed among children in poor slum settlements and people were greeted for Christmas. On this occasion Aditya Vikram Jaiswal, President of Jharkhand Pradesh Professional Congress Committee and Member of Round Table India was present.

It is to be known that the main purpose of the round table is to create schools for poor and needy children. The main objective of the institution is to restore quality education to children and to help every needy person.

Kushlesh Chaudhary, Chairman, Round Table India-160, said that our organization is working in both urban and rural areas under educated Jharkhand-Badhe Jharkhand and is always committed to provide education to children and especially work in these areas.

In the program Arihant Jain, Ashish said that the Round Table India-160 institution will serve the people by working towards installing sanitary pads of disinfectants and women in public places for better development of the society.

 On this occasion, chiefly round table India-160 chairman Kushlesh Chaudhary, Arihant Jain, Ashish Takeriwal, Arnab Bhattacharya, Krishna Sahay, Anil Singh, Ramji Sharma, W, Manish, Anshumala Toppo, Sarpanch Dada, Sandeep Suvarno, Jitendra Nayak, Rajni Kachap, Rahul Rai, Rajiv Chaurasia, Lucky Singh, Gaurav Anand etc. were present.

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