NSUI: Demands No Offline Examination, DAV Kapil Dev's principal siege.

Created on: 2021-02-22 11:43:43 | Author: Team Sikshatoday | Home Page | Schools

Ranchi: Under the leadership of Inderjit Singh, state vice president of Congress student organization Jharkhand NSUI, DAV Kapil Dev's principal was besieged at Kadru in Ranchi for various demands. It should be noted that about 400 students of the 11th class of the school are being pressured to take the offline examination. Students say that they should take an online test or promote them all. The Corona period has not been studied properly. There is nothing syllabus clear in online classes. If the test is taken then all will fail. If you have to take the exam then after 1 month complete the complete syllabus, otherwise take the exam online.

The school people have also said that those who will deposit their full fees will take the exam, on which the students protested and said that their parents' financial condition of the people is not right, they will give the entire fees at once.

On the occasion, State Vice President Inderjit Singh told the Principal that in view of the Corona period, the student should take a decision on the hit otherwise the school will be locked. The Principal gave the assurance that a positive decision will be taken after considering the core committee by sitting on the core committee. Inderjit Singh, Pranav Singh, Akash Rajwar, Santosh Yadav, Rajneesh Singh, Biswajit Saha and hundreds of students of the school were present on the occasion.

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