Demand for Job Extension

Created on: 2021-01-03 05:30:54 | Author: Team Sikshatoday | Home Page | Jobs

Ranchi: The agitation has been going on continuously since December 17, 2020 under the banner of Finance Employees Union, whose contract expired on December 31, 2020, nearly 800 people from all the districts of Jharkhand came and ordered the union to rest only 400 people last night. Gone . All union employees open overnight even in cold Slept under the sky, due to which the health of nearly 10 of our companions was deteriorated, in which Anand Prakash Sahi Junior Engineer Nitish Kumar Garhwa Junior Engineer Vimal Indu Shekhar Junior Engineer Kanke Piyush Pandey Junior Engineer etc. The health of the union worsened. Wish to get well soon. The team was sent this morning from the Health Department, Sadar Hospital Ranchi to conduct a health check-up. In order to pursue the movement with full zeal and enthusiasm, the Sangh has decided to set the program ahead this evening. It has clearly made it clear that not a single person would go home from the picket site without extension of service. Will go even if he has to go on hunger strike till his death.


1 .Demand Service Expansion

2 .Adjustment to Panchayati Raj

3. Increase in honorarium

 Sanjay Murmu Koderma Junior Engineer, Seema, Anju, Sukesh, Vimalendu, Saddam, 1000 employees were involved today.

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