Nine-year-old Lisipria of Manipur becomes the loud voice of climate change

Created on: 2020-10-04 06:02:25 | Author: Sanjeev Mishra | Home Page | Interviews

New Delhi: At the age of six, Manipur's Lisipria Kanguzaim got an opportunity to attend the United Nations Disaster Conference in Mongolia. He changed their lives completely. After coming back from there, he started an organization called 'The Child Movement'. This way, Since July 2018, she has been continuously raising her voice about climate change. He appealed to the global leaders to save the earth and appealed to the Prime Minister of India to get the Climate Change Act passed in Parliament as soon as possible.

During the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Lisipria along with her father went to raise funds for the victims. He then cried on television when he saw the children homeless due to the disaster. Then perhaps for the first time he heard the words like climate change and natural disaster. But due to young age, she could not understand its true meaning. "I was born in Manipur, but grew up in Odisha," says Lisipria. There are frequent natural disasters. When I was six, Feeni Cyclone first came in 2018. It was knocked out the following year by a butterfly storm. Climate change is the main cause of these storms. So they go from place to place and try to make children and people aware of it.

Leaving school in the movement

Lissipria has to go on frequent performances abroad or to participate in the program. In such a situation, the parents could not afford these trips again and again. So he left regular school and started home schooling.

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