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Chennai:    As you must be aware of 100s and thousands of opinions has been shared in multiple platforms on NEP. I was fortunate enough of having the benefit of participating in various seminars talking on this similar topic.It must be a true realisation of a good doctor to diagnose the symptoms of the disease and then seek remedial action plans .I think the enlightened society is refusing to understand the pitfalls of our earlier versions of our educational system and still insist that some magic can be created because of the new NEP. So many fundamental reformations are due in our country since independence and millions of children have already lost their future because of this negligence Notwithstanding to any new thoughts as we have said as long as we neglect Teachers education and their professional development I think any exercise to reform the educational ecosystem will be a futility . I can't believe how our country which is capable of buying Rafaels and could create world class CEOs cannot understand this fundamental truth and still have the audacity to sustain to bring  new creative ideas.I just thought I can share some ideas with you all so that somewhere down the line some like minded people can initiate some good ideas as pioneering models .

1.Recommend govt to conduct top level exam like ICS for education separately in the name of INDIAN EDUCATIONAL SERVICE and select the best people to administrate our educational system .

2.Give every teacher the privilege to add prefix before their name as Tr like Dr and Lr .

3.Create a separate funding like CSR for educational sector in the event of deficit in 6 % allotment.

4.Render separate governance for Govt and private schools and colleges .

5.Create or recruit volunteers for educational sector from other world of works .

6.Let each school have a  local community based of experts committe to guide the schools

7 .Engage parents successfully and establish HOME SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP.

8.Have a professionally managed counselling centers in each schools and help facilitate joint meetings of parents along with the counselled children.

9.Scouting ,Ncc and Nss are all dead bodies now in educational institutions.

Revive them.

10.Teach children to celebrate failures and enlightened the parents on this subject .

11.Make Entrepreneurial education ,training and development mandatory to at least 10 % of students

12.Encourage teachers to pursue higher studies and sponsor their expense .

13 .Make the management of the school to become responsible and accountable to understand the various innovative concepts of education viz.,OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION etc.,

I must be having some more ideas which I will be interested to share based on your inclination .

I hope educational leaders like you all should be the torchbearers of this nation .

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