How Crack SSB NDA 2020 in 5 days: know the 5 days process of SSB interview

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Whenever we meet students preparing for an NDA exam, talking to them shows that they are ready for the written examination, but they have much confusion about the SSB interview. There are a lot of questions ranging from SSB interview rules. Today in this blog we will work to solve these questions. Here we will tell you about the complete schedule and rules of the SSA interview for the NDA exam. First of all, know that the NDA exam has a total of 1800 marks. In which there is a written test of 900 marks and SSB interview of 900 marks. Only the candidates selected in the written examination can appear in the SSB interview. This interview runs for 5 days. In which the mental and educational ability of the candidate is tested. Tasks are given to the candidates every day in a 5-day interview. Its detailed description is as follows:

Day one

Candidates who pass the NDA written examination are required to report at the place and time prescribed by UPSC. That is where the SSB interview process begins. On the first day, students have a screening test. In which they have to give OIR and PP & DT tests.

OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating Test) - In this, students are asked 50 questions of Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. For which students have only 30 minutes. Mathematics questions are also asked in this.

PP & DT (Picture Perception & Description Test) - Students selected in OIR on the first day give PP & DT test. In this, students are shown a picture for 30 seconds. By seeing and understanding, they have to create a story. This story should be associated with that picture.

Second day

The second day of the SSB interview is considered to be the most difficult. On this day students have to give a psychological test.

Psychological Test - It consists of the main 4 tests of the candidates -

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) - 11 photographs are shown to the candidates in this test by the interviewing officer. Each picture is shown for 30 seconds. Seeing which you have to prepare a description related to them and write them on a blank screen.

Word Association Test (WAT) - This test is for testing the mental ability of students. About 50-60 English words are shown in it. Through which a story has to be prepared. These words will be related to each other.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT) - This test is related to WAT. In which you have to write answers to 60 questions. You have to write 2-3 sentences in every situation in the written test.

Self Description (SD) - This test is the last. In this, students are asked questions related to their personal lives.

Day 3

GTO Testing and Interviews - On the third day the GTO (Group Testing Officer) test is taken with the students. It consists of 5 parts:

Group Discussion (GD) - In this, you have to discuss one issue by sitting in a circle of many candidates. You have to keep your point in it.

Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise (GPE or MPE) - In this test, candidates have to do group discus according to the officer-directed situation and make a common plan.

Progressive Group Task (PGT) - This test is done to check physical folk and ability. The whole set is prepared in an open field, in which the tasks are given for a period, which you have to complete with your group member.

Half Group Task (HGT) - In this, the group is divided into 2 parts. But in this test, your personal work is noticed.

Literature- In the end, students are seated in a large hall for literature. His experience is shared here.

Fourth day

Tests are taken on the fourth day as on the third day. It also has a group but the group is changed to make it interesting. It consists of FGT (Final Group Test) which is the last task of your group task. On the same day, you have CT (Command Task) and IO (Individual Observation) in which the personal performance of the candidates is assessed.

Fifth day

On the last day of the SSB interview, you are seated in a hall with a full panel. In which the result of your last four days test is told. This is the last time in which results are declared. In this, selected students are sent for medical. You must also know that you can be called for a personal interview anytime during these 5 days.

You have to be very strong physically and mentally to pass the SSB interview throughout the process. You should fight every situation.

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