What is the NIRF Ranking?

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What is the NIRF Ranking?

The MHRD is vested with the responsibility to prepare the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Ranking. It has approved the framework of NIRF Ranking and rolled out the first edition in 2015.

NIRF Ranking Categories Every year, MHRD releases NIRF Ranking in 9 categories. Overall Ranking University Ranking Engineering Ranking College Ranking Management Ranking Pharmacy Ranking Law Ranking Architecture Ranking Medical Ranking

NIRF Ranking Parameters

The NIRF Ranking is prepared based on five parameters

  1. Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR) Student Strength including Doctoral Students (SS) Faculty-student ratio with emphasis on permanent faculty (FSR) Combined metric for Faculty with PhD (or equivalent) and Experience (FQE) Financial Resources and their Utilization (FRU)
  2. Research and Professional Practice (RP) Combined metric for Publications (PU) Combined metric for Quality of Publications (QP) IPR and Patents: Published and Granted (IPR) Footprint of Projects and Professional Practice (FPPP)
  3. Graduation Outcomes (GO) Metric for University Examinations (GUE) Metric for Number of Ph.D. Students Graduated (GPHD)
  4. Outreach and Inclusivity (OI) Percentage of Students from Other States/Countries (Region Diversity RD) Percentage of Women (Women Diversity WD) Economically and Socially Challenged Students (ESCS) Facilities for Physically Challenged Students (PCS) Perception (PR) Ranking
  5. Peer Perception Academic Peers and Employers (PR) Over the years, the NIRF Ranking has become very famous and widely accepted. The participation of the institutes in the national ranking system also increased compared to previous years.


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