US issued new rules on H-1B visa, Indian IT professionals will suffer

Created on: 2020-10-07 06:47:45 | Author: Sanjeev Mishra | Home Page | News

Washington: US President Donald Trump's administration on Tuesday issued new rules on technology visas used by immigration companies on a large scale. The Trump administration has claimed that neither system will be better for Americans. The Homeland Security Department announced new rules for H-1B visas to be issued to skilled workers. This visa is given to 85,000 migrants every year.

Chad Wolf, Secretary of Homeland Security, said in a statement, "We have come at a time when economic security has become an important part of Homeland Security. Simply put, economic security is now Homeland Security. We have to ensure that American workers get priority under the law.

This is the next step in the Trump administration's efforts to regulate migrants. The Trump administration had banned the H-1B visa program until December 2020, which has been banned by a federal judge last week. The full details of the new rules released on Tuesday have not been released yet, but it is known that the definition of 'special businesses' was changed in it. On this Homeland Security says that companies used to take advantage of the system wrongly through it.

This program was implemented after a 60-day comment period (public objections can be filed against it during this time). In this, a provision has been made to give 'genuine' offers to American citizens before bringing foreigners from companies. This visa program is used extensively by companies in Silicon Valley. Under this program, workers in IT sector and other skilled sectors are brought to America. There are a large number of IT professionals going to India for jobs from India. Critics of the program say that this has reduced the salary range in some professional fields.

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