Unique experiment of DPS Ranchi ,launches Mobile Library

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Delhi Public School Ranchi has always been striving to ignite young minds through various means.

Ranchi: In today’s pandemic of COVID -19, it is a major challenge to run even the day to day activities as all are continuously under the grip of invisible fear of getting infected at any time. Life has changed its complexion of proceedings. We unwontedly confined ourselves to our houses with a mindset that it is the safest zone with an unclear vision as how long we will have to pull on like this. Life for all has become extremely complicated with a fear psychosis running all the time in our minds. This pandemic is a major threat for the future of all the students who shoulder the responsibility of our country.

The online mode of education can never give quality education which is expected and needed to gain in-depth knowledge, keeping this in mind Delhi Public School Ranchi has always been striving to ignite young minds through various means.

[caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="538"]Unique use of DPS Ranchi ,launches Mobile Library Unique use of DPS Ranchi ,launches Mobile Library[/caption]

Now DPS Ranchi under the leadership of its Principal Dr Ram Singh is undertaking the initiative of empowering the community through mobile libraries with all the safety measures of “COVID-19”. Books can be older than people and grow older than your computers, the youngsters need to fall in love with books. For those who cannot access libraries at this time, through mobile library DPS RANCHI tends to bring to them the benefits of library services. Where students can borrow books, read books, and enhance knowledge as well as reading capacity. For dear students cooped up at home old, new and latest edition books on various subjects would be available in their vicinity. This alternative learning system in the age of technology certainly will create an ever lasting impression on students of all age groups.

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