Told the girlfriend - yes, do it, the world will turn… This person became IPS

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Bombay: The story of IPS Manoj Sharma from Maharashtra cadre is an example for every youth of this country. Last month, his own friend Anurag Pathak has written a book on him.

Early studies

Born in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, Manoj was a minor student in studies till 12th. He passed through the Third Division in the ninth, tenth and 11th. I failed in copying in the 12th. Through a video interview, he told, his plan was to find a job somewhere in the 12th by passing, learning typing. He had also made a plan to cheat in the 12th examination. But the SDM tightened up in school and did not allow copying. Then Manoj felt who is such a powerful man whom everyone is listening to. They also have to become like this.

First meeting SDM

Manoj used to run a tempo with his brother after failing in the 12th. Tempo got caught one day. Had to talk to SDM to free Tempo. Manoj went to meet him but instead of talking about getting Tempo released, he asked, how did you prepare. Decided, this will be made now. Returned to his home in Gwalior. Money was strapped Even saw the time of not having food. Then the librarian got the job of a peon. In the poets or scholarly gatherings, laying of beds, feeding of water was also done. Preparations started. SDM was to be formed but preparations slowly started to be made at higher levels.

12th Fail

The tag of 12th fell did not stop the chase. Could not say anything about the girl he loved. Was afraid he should not say this, he should fail 12th. So started studying again. Came to Delhi after struggling Money was needed. Dog walking was found in big houses. 400 per dog was spent.

Admission without fees, girl support

A teacher named Vikas Divyakirti gave admission without fees. Pre cleared at first attachment. But the second one was in love till the third appearance. The girl he loved told him that if you do yes, together, I can turn the world around. Then IPS passed UPSC examination in 121st rank with 121st rank. Let me tell you that Manoj has also completed his PhD after doing post-graduation from Gwalior. Let me tell you that Manoj, who became an IPS from Maharashtra cadre of 2005 batch, is posted as Additional Commissioner of West Region in Mumbai.


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