Koderma DC reveals his source of inspiration

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The deputy commissioner says his 54-year-old bangle seller mother’s struggle motivates him

Ranchi, June 28: Vimal, 54, had started selling bangles to support her family in late 1980s after she realised that her alcoholic husband will not be able to earn enough.

Even though her son, Ramesh Gholap, cracked UPSC civil services exam in 2012 and got posted as the deputy commissioner of Jharkhand’s Koderma district, Vimal continues to sell bangles. Revealing his source of inspiration, Gholap, who hails from Solapur village in Maharashtra, says, “In trying times money earned by selling bangles helped us complete our education. Hence, my mother does not want to leave the profession.”

“I have never inquired about her earnings. Moreover, she sells bangles because she respects the profession. She says that she will remain in the profession till she is able to work,” says Gholap, who also secured 287th rank in UPSC civil services exam in 2011.

“When she goes to our native village, she sells bangles from home and helps people wear He says although his mother didn’t attend school, she made sure that he and his elder brother Umesh, who currently works at a private firm, completed their formal education.

Gholap, who used to accompany his mother till the age of 10, says when his father died a month before his matriculation examination, his mother motivated him to take the exam.

Gholap cleared his matriculation examination in 2003 with 88.5% and by 2008 he started teaching with a diploma in education. He says Vimal participated in the Panchayat elections in 2010, but lost. She borrowed Rs. 18,000 from a self-help group to help Gholap prepare for the civil services examination, says Gholap.

By: Rajkumar

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