Kashmiri students have started going to Pakistan, what is the reason ?

Created on: 2020-09-20 08:38:03 | Author: Sanjeev Mishra | Home Page | News

Kashmir: Every year, dozens of students from Jammu and Kashmir are taking admission in medical and engineering colleges in Pakistan. Some students have also chosen other courses in the colleges there. In the last two decades, hundreds of Kashmiri students have taken admission in Pakistani colleges. He has chosen professional courses in the colleges there and has chosen to pursue higher education from there.

At this time many Kashmiri students are studying medical from colleges in Pakistan. While stating about these students, a student's father also said that many Kashmiri students have been selected for other courses for studies. When asked why Kashmiri students are choosing medical and engineering colleges in Pakistan? So he said, "Earlier people were of the opinion that if the children have to go for medical education from outside, they should be sent to Russia or to some other countries. But now they are sending the children to Pakistan, but what is wrong with it?" . "

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He said, "The college in Pakistan where my daughter got admission, she is currently at number three in the category of best colleges. All parents want their children to study in the best college. So I have to take this decision It seemed right. Especially in the case of girls, every parent wants them to succeed. "

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