Karnataka: Engineering, degree and diploma colleges will open from November 17,

Created on: 2020-10-24 05:06:08 | Author: Sanjeev Mishra | Home Page | Colleges

Bangalore: Engineering, degree and diploma colleges in Karnataka will open from 17 November. Students will have the option of coming to college and taking classes and studying online from home. Students can choose their option according to their convenience. In addition, they will be able to use both options.

Parental permission mandatory

In fact, the Karnataka government has announced the opening of all engineering, degree and diploma colleges in the state from 17 November. Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwat Narayan said that in Bai Subha, headed by the Chief Minister, students must give written permission of parents to go to college. Let us know that all the colleges and higher educational institutions across the country have been closed since March due to the global corona epidemic.

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